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08 June 2007 @ 10:09 pm
well it's been a while, eh?

this has been a particularly nasty week.

1) Sunday, my aunt got into a bad car wreck on her way to see us. We spend the day in the hospital with her. Thankfully she's okay. Some idiot caused a 6 car pile up on the interstate. The car is totaled, but my aunt will be okay. It was scary though.

2) Work was really busy - which isn't so bad... I'd rather be busy, than not busy, but it meant I had a lot of stress about finishing my files and stuff.

3) I found out that my best friend's mother has breast cancer. She is like a second mom to me so this is devastating news. I am so sad for her. And for my best friend because she can't be there for her mom right now because of school. It's just such a sad situation.

4) My dad has decided to stop taking his diabetes medication and is going through some horrible depression. He absolutely refuses to take his meds though. I don't understand it. I worry about him so much.

5) Today at work was just awful. I got in trouble for talking to a co-worker... and we were discussing WORK! can you believe it? She had some questions about a client I had seen and while answering her, I got a stern message from my supervisor to get back to work. I *was* working - I was addressing envelopes while answering my co-workers questions. yes, I am that talented that I can do two things at once. However, my supervisor must not consider that "work" because she said I wasn't working, that I was chatting and I need to stop. Erm, okay. So no more talking at work. Wonderful.

6) Another co-worker called me tonight and told me that she overheard my boss talking to my old supervisor and was saying that my current supervisor was complaining about me - about how I never do any work and how I'm playing games all the time. It really is quite incredible how petty these people are. I dont play games. In fact, I saw twice as many clients this week than she did. When do I have time to play games? I've gotten about 2 hours of overtime this week (which doesn't sound like a lot, but when you don't get paid for it, it's a lot).

Plus - have I mentioned that I got promoted at work - I am not a counselor. However, they are still paying me the same thing I was getting paid before the promotion. I am getting about half as less as the other counselors. Tell me how that is fair... My boss promised me on three different occassions that I would be getting the promotion and the raise to go along with it, but he keeps putting off the raise. I personally think that they should be kissing my ass for staying there and doing the job without getting the monetary benefits of it. Not many people would put up with that.

So all in all, life pretty much sucks at this point.

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triplem81 on June 17th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
Hey girl,

Sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope she is alright now.

Get in touch!